Wide Choice

The steel post, rail and panel fence is the main Fencing Around product. But under our brand can be purchased all manner fencing solutions including post and wire and post and chain mesh.


For a much bigger look at the way Fencing Around factory-finish steel fencing can make the most of your home’s living potential and add resale value. The clean architectural lines, the enhanced outdoor living and high levels of security and privacy.


It could be said the hidden beauty of Fencing Around steel fences is the way they so seamlessly harmonies. Another major plus is the  way Fencing Around same Both Sides  steel fence can be a very appropriate choice for older style homes.

Privacy & Security

With no wooden rails for  thick wooden posts to shinny up, a standard height .Fencing Around Same-Both-Sides steel fence as an almost impossible challenge for children to climb and an effective deterrent for adults. Fence panels slot into the steel posts leaving no gaps for prying eyes to peer through.


A carefully engineered shape that contributes enormously to the capability of Fencing Around steel fences to withstand storm and gale force winds of up to 216 kph certified the strongest in Australasia.


At Fencing Around our Same-Both-Sides steel fence price is all-inclusive. The all-inclusive price of Fencing Around steel fences is because all posts, rails and panels are factory finished to a high standard warranted 10 years.  

No Wrap No Twist

The fact is, sooner or later New Zealand’s weather will warp and twist out of shape timber post and rail fences. But with Fencing around You and your neighbors can be assured of a fence that with little or no maintenance will stay straight and stylish for years and years.