Wide Choice

The steel post, rail and panel fence is the main Fencing Around product. But under our brand can be purchased all manner […]


For a much bigger look at the way Fencing Around factory-finish steel fencing can make the most of your home’s living potential […]


It could be said the hidden beauty of Fencing Around steel fences is the way they so seamlessly harmonies. Another major plus […]

Privacy & Security

With no wooden rails for  thick wooden posts to shinny up, a standard height .Fencing Around Same-Both-Sides steel fence as an almost […]


A carefully engineered shape that contributes enormously to the capability of Fencing Around steel fences to withstand storm and gale force winds […]


At Fencing Around our Same-Both-Sides steel fence price is all-inclusive. The all-inclusive price of Fencing Around steel fences is because all posts, […]

No Wrap No Twist

The fact is, sooner or later New Zealand’s weather will warp and twist out of shape timber post and rail fences. But […]